Gazi Empire, a grand complex located in a place of vast natural beauty in the gateway to the resting place of the legendary Muslim Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (R.A), Sylhet City. The modern complex boasts full facilities of a 3 *** hotel with the newly opened Gazi Empire Hotel as well as the elegant Rojoni Gondha Restaurant not forgetting the newly established Boishakhi Community Centre. Located in the heart of Sylhet Osmani International Airport area, Gazi Empire caters for all business travelers, N.G.O. officials and international tourists with maximum focus on safety, security and customer satisfaction.

Gazi Empire Hotel, a unique refreshing enterprise which includes a restaurant and community centre with a touch of 3*** service every step of the way. With our 50 room capacity including Night Queen suites, Bali Suites, Empire Suites, Family suites, 24 hour concierge & security service, air conditioned climate control system, currency exchange service, car rental service and many more services to suit your requirements, Gazi Empire Hotel has become most popular with business travelers, tourists as well as Expatriates. So whether you are on a business, pleasure or a short trip, just step inside the Gazi Empire Hotel and feel a touch of 3*** comfort and hospitality throughout your stay.